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Remember to send your friends graphics on Fourth of July! 6/24- Fourth of July myspace layout category went up today along with graphics for July Fourth. This is just the start there are plenty more valentines graphics and layouts to come. New graphics today are Icon Collage and Music Clips. They will have their own section when I have more for you guys. 3/03/10- Congratulations to our new featured member Sassyred!! 2/23/10- Tumblr themes will be up in a few days!! 2/22/10- Coming soon we will have friendfeed layouts and friendfeed backgrounds as well as layouts and backgrounds for 2/1/10- Congratulations to our newest featured member xxvintagesoulxx! 1/27- You can now submit twitter themes! 1/11- So many new Valentines myspace layouts and 2.0 myspace Valentines layouts have been added! 12/28- Many New Years myspace layouts have been submitted for myspace 1.0 and 2.0. Many new updates will be up soon! Thousands of new myspace layouts have been added! We will be adding many holiday layouts like Halloween layouts and layouts for Christmas. Halloween layouts for myspace will be added next week! 7/20- Added a new myspace layouts category today! Check out the history layouts for myspace. This category is filled with gay pride, lesbian pride, and bisexual pride layouts. 9/2- The movies myspace layouts with slide shows have been added. 9/1- Coming soon Myspace Profile Editor. Many new layouts and graphics are added daily. Also don’t forget to check out the Halloween myspace graphics and Halloween myspace comments to send to friends! 10/13- Added the football myspace layouts category. -Bill 10/13 -Just added 7 new page to the horror movie graphics which are in the Halloween graphic category! 10/12 -Hey it’s Bill again letting you know I’ve added 102 myspace layouts in the past two days. Check it out. Many new updates coming soon. This will be the best and easiest Profile Editor out there! Use this to change your background, font color, or just about anything on your Myspace page. It can attract anyone, even the colorblind. Twitter themes and twitter backgrounds are coming soon. There will be many updates in these categories as our members submit daily. Also Easter Myspace Layouts will be here shortly! 2/25- What’s Up!! I want you all to know that I haven’t been updating as much recently cause I am on vacation and loving it! I haven’t been sober in a few days so I haven’t been able to put up new layouts but va ca is almost over and I will give you a huge update to make up for it. 12/10- Added more christmas myspace layouts!! overlay myspace 12/8- Myspace christmas layouts updated also added some new years layouts but only have a few so far there will be more coming soon. 1/26- Made some more valentine layouts. 8/29- Just added some new graphics. Also put up a few new layouts in the baseball myspace layouts category. MySpace Layouts, MySpace Codes, MySpace Generators the best gothic myspace layouts 4/17- Mother’s Day is coming up and I will be adding many things for you to add to your myspace for that occasion. Browse through there are thousands of stunning myspace layouts for you to chose from. Its similar to the dark myspace layouts but a bit more creepy and twisted. Also updated the halloween graphics section and added new christmas and halloween layouts. Also huge updates in the myspace layouts and myspace 2.0 layouts sections. We have added the days of the week comments, thanks for the add, and many new graphics in all categories. Check back soon because we update daily. 8/13- Added the Angels myspace layouts category. 10/26- New myspace layouts sections added! Added the rap, hip hop, and r & b music layouts with slide shows section and the rock and metal myspace layouts with slide shows category. You can find all your favorite Disney characters and cartoons like Family Guy, Simpsons, and Dora. 3/7- Started putting some Easter Myspace Layouts up today 5a02188284

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